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DIVE Chocolate
The package design project was to create a series of 3 chocolate bars as a leave-behind for job interviews to promote myself as a potential employee.

The name DIVE is originally from the idea of "Don't be afraid to dive, be afraid that you didn't try." Not only skydiving, cliff diving, and scuba diving are three of my favorite activities, but also because diving represents the wild part of my personality.


The DIVE Chocolate bars are concentrated on the personality that I wanted to express. They indicate that I am a risk-taker, the cloud and waves reference the traditional Chinese Auspicious Cloud which represents my background and the colorful watercolor wash shows my lively and easy-going character. The handwritten font for DIVE has the texture of brushstrokes that imply the traditional Chinese Calligraphy technique.

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2020 Student Bronze Winner of American Advertising Awards in Atlanta.

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