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A 12 - page brochure to teach a set of young art students about the difference between CMYK and RGB color systems. Using an ice cream theme, I could play with the colors and illustrations to represent the information more interestingly while highlighting the informative writing.


The Scoop On Paper is a perfect title for my brochure not only because it represents ice cream, but it also means important information. My focus was to make such educational content fun to read and easy to memorize by coordinating with colorful visuals. I chose the typeface Lobster as title and headlines because of its hand-drawn friendly appearance and Oswald as the typeface for the copy to accommodate the vintage look. In the meantime, I wanted to keep the overall design clean to avoid overpowering the content.

Design: Gracy Liu

Illustration: Gracy Liu

Copywriter: Gracy Liu

Savannah College of Art and Design

2 color pages M.png
Oswald Sans Condensed
The number of scoops represent the colors in the color system, using visuals to help to memorize and making educational contents more interesting.
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