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Morningstar Brewery is a beer brand that is based on a Netflix series, Lucifer, a story that follows the fallen angel who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell and decided to move to Los Angeles.


I wanted to create a luxury beer brand and focus on the aesthetics of the character Lucifer Morningstar because he lives up to the reputation of "THe Devil does indeed wear Prada" with a strong sense of fashion. His personality is brutally honest, cunning, and sarcastic but all the way through the story he is a passionate man with strength and endurance. So I combined an elegant and vintage typeface with spurs, swashes, and curves to represent Lucifer's characteristics. The frame drawing on the label was inspired by the European renaissance architecture because the Lucifer in this series is presented as a Northwestern European man.

Art direction: Gracy Liu

Design: Gracy Liu

Illustration: Gracy Liu

Savannah College of Art and Design


The Morningstar logo has a strong enough aesthetics to represent Lucifer. It was created from the typeface Savaro. It was modified by setting the descenders on a slightly curved line, adding thorns to create more characters, and decreasing the kerning for a more readable logotype. 

Listen to what you want. Do what you love.
Choose what you drink.

Flavor 1 Single Malt Dark Beer inspired by the character Lucifer. Using the symbol wings because he is the fallen angel who moved to Los Angeles when he was bored of hell. In the Lucifer series, he is the funny man with an English accent who feels strongly for right or wrong.


Flavor 2 Cold Press Dark Ale inspired by the character Mazikeen. Her symbols are the weapons she uses, blades. She is the demon without a soul, regarding the Lucifer series she lives to the fullest because, without a soul, she disappears when she dies. 


Flavor 3 Wheat Toast Bonde Ale inspired by the character Amenadiel. His symbols are the gates because he is the noble, honorable man, father's favorite son who still belongs in the Silver City.

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