The Minecraft Earth Challenge 
at SCAD Generate



The goal

Create a launch campaign for Minecraft Earth, meanwhile focus on the goal of making the world a better place. Use design skills and be as creative as you'd like.

The competition

Create a launch campaign for Minecraft Earth, meanwhile, focus on the goal of making the world a better place. Must have teams of three to register, and 14 teams entered the challenge. 24 hours were given to imagine and create what this might look like.

Generate is the SCAD Atlanta 24-hour art marathon challenge event. Do or do not. There is no sleep.


 Minecraft is...

  • community where people can build anything they think of


  • A platform that shapes the minds of Minecraft's target audience, which is primarily comprised of kids between the age of 5-15, by teaching them in a variety of ways, expanding on skill sets like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and memory


  • It is being used by teachers to help teach subjects like environmental issues, math, city planning, and new languages so why not add cultures?


  • Multiple festival "world" will be created for individuals to experience and walkthrough.  Each festival will be culture-based depending on the region it represents.


  • AR festivals, where real-life environment combines with Minecraft designs, and users can participate or build things.


  • Option to travel to another location in another country on the phone, in the meantime complete quests & tasks while traveling around the globe in Minecraft. 


  • Experience culture, traditions on your phone. 




  • Uniting cultures and making cultural problems known in each country


  • Each festival will provide an opportunity to experience cultures they are not familiar with.


  • Experiences and interactions will inspire change.


  • Using Minecraft Earth brings the quest to you.

  • Quests and challenges will encourage you to visit all the festivals around the globe.

  • Fix social problems for each country.

  • Collect stamps/ badges to unlock gears or prizes.

  • Defeat the legendary creatures of the country while also learning the history behind them.

demo countries

  • The more time you spend at this festival you will find the problem of air pollution.

  • Challenge: Plant plants to improve air quality.

  • Watch out for the Japanese ghost!


  • Attractions

  • Festivals

  • Local traditions

  • Fireworks

  • Lanterns

  • The more time you spend at this festival you will notice animal abuse and an excess of people wearing fur.

  • Challenge: save 3 species from harm.

  • Watch out for the Kamchatka brown bear!


  • Architecture

  • Festivals

  • Food

  • Music

  • Patterns

  • The more time you spend at this festival you will notice the problem of waste and overconsumption.

  • Challenge: Find ways to cut down on waste and increase recycling. Find the hidden recycling bins.

  • Watch out for Bigfoot!



  • Music

  • Rave

  • Parties

  • Hanging out

maxresdefault copy.jpg

The Team:

Gracy Liu

Sarah Greenberg

Rose Andrews