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Heart of Arizona - Part II Antelope Canyon | Insights of My Solo Road Trip

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Visiting Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Since I saw the amazing photos from a photographer friend's cross-country road trip, The Great American Road Trip, I have added a few other attractions to my list. Heart of Arizona is dedicated to my road trip around the state Arizona, where I believe to breed the most breathtaking sceneries in the US.

The only way to visit Antelope Canyon is through booking a tour with a local guide company, any visitor is not allowed to enter the canyon without a Native American guide. I booked a Photographic Tour at Upper Antelope Canyon with Antelope Canyon Tours.

This local company opens year-round, processes online payments and reservations, provides a detailed list of what to bring/ do for the trip, and anything that makes planning your trip ahead much easier.

Update: Photographic Tours at Upper Antelope Canyon will be discontinued after Dec 20th 2019.

"Sunset over Monument Valley." Canon 5d Mark II, 16mm

Visitor's Guide

  • 15 minutes ride from the tour center at Page, AZ. It's a small city with an airport and plenty choices of hotels for tourists who are visiting Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

  • If you selected a Photographic Tour, bring a tripod (no flash allowed).

  • Bring anything you might need to clean your lenses and equipments.

  • The Canyon might be sandy and cold, dress in layers.

  • Bring your own water, and take the trash with you.

  • If you plan to take photos of a full view, you need a wide angle lens at least 24mm. 16mm recommended. (Update: since the photographic tour will be discontinued, all photographic equipments have to be held by hand.)

  • Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen (even if it seems cloudy).

  • NO selfie sticks, NO drones, and roaming around on your own is NOT allowed.

  • NO pets.

Best Time To Visit

The best times to visit Upper Antelope Canyon are between the end of March and early October. You might have better chance seeing light beams during this time (not when it's cloudy).

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